Goju Ryu Kata

Kata, is a set of techniques created by the founding masters of karate for hundreds of years, which is still preserved in its original form. There are 12 Katas in Goju-Ryu. Each of them has a bunkai, a technical-content analysis of the Kata to be performed in pair.

Goju-Ryu is one of the main styles of the traditional karate. The content of the title is based on the principles given in the famous martial arts book "Bubishi".

The influence of ancient Chinese martial arts is also well seen in Kata movements.


  • Gekisai Dai Ichi – Attack and Destroy One
  • Gekisai Dai Ni – Attack and Destroy Two
  • Saifa – Smash and Tear
  • Seiyunchin – Attack, Conquer and Suppress
  • Shisochin – Battle in Four Directions
  • Sanseru – 36 Hands
  • Seipai – 18 Hands
  • Kururunfa – Hold and Strike Suddenly
  • Seisan – 13 hands
  • Suparunpei – 108 hands
  • Tensho – Revolving Hands
  • Sanchin – Three Battles